How to find the perfect pair of sunglasses to suit your face shape

I don’t need to tell you sunglasses are a gift from the heavens.

With the right shape, size, colour and fit they can drastically lift the look and mood. What other accessory can provide such confidence, glamour and privacy?

Thanks to an airport shopping habit I own about 30 pairs which is a bit excessive but I love them all.

After years of buying expensive designer frames I recently visited eye wear designer Alexis Amor who helped me find the perfect frames. Not only can I now see better than I have in years he made me see how wrong I’d been getting it for all these years. None of my glasses really suited me. So with a summer holiday looming I asked him to help me find the perfect pair of sunglasses. I don’t think there are hard and fast rules per se, but I do think armed with some expert tips you can find a pair you love that flatter your face shape.

Firstly, Amor recommends shoppers to trust their instinct. "Go for the styles and colours that you are naturally drawn to. Then, for goodness’ sake, try them on. The size is critical, and my guide should be followed religiously.

"All glasses should make your head look slightly smaller and will be far more flattering for it. The arms should go back in a straight line without bowing out and they should not squeeze too tight - a sure sign of being too small."

There are some basic rules to apply when considering face shapes, and Amor advises that "Eyebrows can show but not too much - if they do show, the sunglasses will look best if they follow the contour of the brow.

"Whatever the shape, sunglasses are there to complement not accentuate. Round sunglasses on a round face or square on square etc. are a no-no."

So there you have it - expert advice to ensure you find your perfect match. Below we have also selected the best shapes for your face type to help you get started.

Finding the right sunglasses for your face shape

Round Face:

Classic large square plastic styles work brilliantly on rounder faces - they will positively highlight the softness of the wearer’s jawline.

Black Havana Tortoise  'Coco', £245, Alexis Amor

'Coco' Alexis Amor
New Look

Oval face:

Cat-Eye sunglasses provide a great contrast and lift to oval faces.

Square tortoise shell cat eye sunglasses, £15.99, Zara

'Valentine' Alexis Amor

Square face:

Aviator styles will work well on squarer faces as will the rounder classic shapes - make sure they’re wide enough and they’ll be perfect. See Robin.

Aviator sunglasses, £15, M&S

'Ava' Alexis Amor

A good optical or sunglass store with the right equipment will be able to offer skilled custom fittings for your glasses - Alexis Amor do this in store for every customer.

Without this bespoke service, the glasses will probably not look their best. And nor will you!